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Board of Pharmacy Specialties

Watch this video to learn all about Board of Pharmacy specialties, and the role BPS Board Certified Pharmacists play in improving patient outcomes, eliminating medication errors, and reducing overall healthcare costs as a part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

Pharmacy Board Services

What services are provided by the pharmacy board?

Pharmacy board is the state agency that in-charge of the pharmacy industry, and pharmaceutical public health, and provide services and information including:

* Pharmacy legislation and industry regulations.
* Law enforcement & execution.
* Licenses & Certificates (new and renewals).
* License verification & lookup.
* Emergency contraception information.
* Pharmacy facility licenses.
* Pharmaceutical recalls & publications.
* Publications for consumers.
* Pharmaceutical consumers protection.
* Pharmacy related education programs.
* Publish public information, statistics, and reports.
* Create industry resources.

Board of Pharmacy

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