Guam Pharmacy Board (GU BOP)

Guam Pharmacy Board is the state agency responsible for the licensing and registration of Guam pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacies. Guam Pharmacy Board (GU BOP) offices are located at 651 Legacy Square Commercial Complex, Guam, Guam 96801. Guam Pharmacy Board main phone number is 671-735-7406, where you can call regarding pharmacy matters in the state of Guam or send a fax message to 808-586-2689.

Guam Pharmacy Board Number

What is Guam Pharmacy Board number?

Guam Pharmacy Board number to call and speak to a real person on any pharmacy related matters, including licenses & permits in the state of Guam is 671-735-7406.

Guam Pharmacy Board Website

What is Guam Pharmacy Board website?

Guam Pharmacy Board website, where you can access the official GU BOP website is clicking here.

Guam Pharmacy Board Fax Number

What is Guam Pharmacy Board fax number?

Guam Pharmacy Board fax number to send a fax message, documents & forms inclduing pharmacy licenses & permits in the state of Guam is 808-586-2689.

Guam Board of Pharmacy Activities

What are Guam Board of Pharmacy activities?

Watch this video to learn all about Guam Board of Pharmacy activities, and the role BPS Board Certified Pharmacists play in improving patient outcomes, eliminating medication errors and reducing overall healthcare costs as a part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams.

Guam Pharmacy Technician License Requirements

What are the requirements for a Guam Pharmacy Technician License?

License Renewal Term (Years): 2
Renewal Date: 30/09
Even or Odd Years: Odd
CE Hour Requirement: 15
Live CE Requirement: 0
Requirements (Contact Hours): 15 contact hours or passing grade on an exam administered by the Guam Board of Examiners for Pharmacy

Guam Pharmacy Board Services

What services are provided by Guam Pharmacy Board?

Guam Pharmacy Board (GU BOP) is Guam state agency that in-charge of the pharmacy industry, and pharmaceutical public health, and provide services and information including:

* Pharmacy legislation and industry regulations.
* Law enforcement & execution.
* Licenses & Certificates (new and renwals).
* License verification & lookup.
* Emergency contraception information.
* Pharmacy facility licenses.
* Pharmaceutical recalls & publications.
* Publications for consumers.
* Pharmaceutical consumers protection.
* Pharmacy related education programs.
* Publish public information, statistics, and reports.
* Creat industry resources.

Guam Pharmacy Board Mailing Address

Guam Pharmacy Board mailing address to send official mail, documents and forms:

Guam Pharmacy Board
Street: 651 Legacy Square Commercial Complex
City: Guam
State: Guam
Zip Code: 96801

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